Bitcoin Bounces Back to $8K From Historically Strong Price Support

Bitcoin Bounces Back to $8K From Historically Strong Price Support

Bitcoin Bounces again 8000$

Bitcoin has once more bounced up from the 100-week moving average – a level that has acted as robust support within the previous time period and through the first stages of the previous securities industry.
The defense of the 100-week MA not to mention the oversold conditions on the daily chart suggests scope for a recovery rally to $8,500.
The case for a bounce would weaken if costs notice acceptance below the terms, presently at $7,753. that would pave the manner for a slide to $7,200.

Bitcoin (BTC) has once more defended traditionally robust subsidy close to $7,700, keeping the hopes of a corrective rally alive.
The top cryptocurrency round-faced commerce pressure and fell below $8,000 over the weekend, contradicting the chance of a recovery rally higher than $8,500 steered by a key technical indicator on a weekday.
Even so, all isn’t lost for the bulls, because the widely-tracked 100-week moving average (MA) support has command ground. BTC nearly tested the key technical line at $7,753 within the Asian commerce hours before rising back higher than $8,000 around 12:20 UT1.
Notably, the long-run MA has been acting as robust support since the last week of Sept. Now, the bears’ perennial failure to penetrate key support might draw bids from short traders, yielding a corrective rally.
BTC’s defense of the 100-day MA may additionally excite long-run investors because the MA had served as a base throughout the emerging stages of the previous securities industry, as seen within the chart below.
Weekly chart

Bid close to 200$

Bitcoin picked up a bid at lows close to $200 in August 2015 and located acceptance higher than the 100-week MA in December. The cryptocurrency then round-faced emptor exhaustion higher than $460 and fell back to the 100-week MA support within the week terminated Gregorian calendar month. 17, 2016.
The terms, then placed at $367, was defended within the following 3 weeks, once that BTC ne’er looked back and went on to hit a record high of $20,000 by December 2017.
Essentially, BTC created the next low on the 100-week MA seven months prior to the mining reward halving, which transpires in August 2016.
The price action saw this year’s appearance terribly like the one seen in 2015-2016. for example, BTC copper-bottomed move into the primary quarter and rose to a high of $13,880 at the top of June before falling back to the 100-week MA.
More significantly, the newest defense of the 100-week MA comes seven months prior to ensuing reward halving, regular for might 2020.
If history repeats itself, BTC might chart a solid bounce from the 100-week MA support over the ensuing a few weeks.
Moreover, several observers read this dip as a chance to board the bitcoin freight train. for example, martyr McDonough, CEO, and co-founder of KR1 plc, the London-listed cryptocurrency and blockchain investment firm, told CoinDesk Markets he expects bitcoin to surpass the uncomparable high of $20,000 within the half of 2020.
The short technical charts are vocation a corrective bounce.
Daily and weekly chart

Bitcoin’s recent drop to sub-$7,800 levels is in the course of falling commerce volumes (above left). A low-volume drop is usually transitory.
Further, the oversold reading on the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) has gained credence because of signs of marketer exhaustion close to the 100-week MA. At constant time, the MACD bar graph is manufacturing shallow bars below the zero line, a symbol of weakening pessimistic momentum.
All-in-all, a bounce to the 200-day moving average (MA) at $8,564 still appearance seemingly. A violation there would expose resistance at $8,833 (June a pair of high).
If costs notice acceptance below the 100-week MA at $7,753, the case for a corrective rally would weaken and also the cryptocurrency would seemingly drop to $7,200. Note that the weekly chart indicators area unit biased pessimistic.
As of writing, BTC is dynamic hands close to $8,000 on Bitstamp, representing a zero.7 p.c drop on a 24-hour basis.
Disclosure: The author holds no cryptocurrency assets at the time of writing.

Bitcoin image via Shutterstock; charts by Trading

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